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Release Date for Rumbleverse: Story, Trailer, and More

Rumbleverse Release Date, Rumbleverse, Story, Trailer, Gameplay, Details

An odd marriage of lucha wrestling and battle royale. Find out the Rumbleverse release date, gameplay, story, trailer, and details here.

Rumbleverse Release Date: August 11, 2022

Get rid of your guns and your buildings. Rumbleverse is coming out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on August 11, 2022. Season 1 starts on August 18, 2022.

Rumbleverse is a new free-to-play, 40-person brawler royale that marries the athleticism of luchador wrestling with the franticness of battle royale games. In this game, anyone can be a champion, no bookers are required.

Rumbleverse Gameplay

In Rumbleverse, you get the usual combo for battle royale games: massively multiplayer, elimination format, and an ever-shrinking circle of active play. You take your customizable fighter into the match, dressed to kill with hundreds of unique items to help you stand out from the crowd. You start the game by getting launched from a cannon, and as you drop into the streets, it’s time to throw down!

Adding a lot of maneuverability from your usual battle royale, Rumbleverse allows you to leap high from rooftop to rooftop, open crates looking for weapons and upgrades, and do amazing wrestling moves, grabs, and throws on your opponents. When the going gets rough, there are no holds barred in this no DQ game, so grab any weapon you can find in the environment. Throw garbage cans, hit enemies with mailboxes, or punch them down with boxing gloves. You can do anything you want to take home that championship belt.

Rumbleverse Story

In Grapital City, everyone lives for the fight and dreams of becoming the champion. You are one of them, so get your boots shiny and get ready to kick some ass.

Rumbleverse Game Modes

Ahead of its launch, Iron Galaxy revealed the different game modes you can play in Rumbleverse.

Solo Mode – Head into battle on your own and beat the other thirty-nine players to become the champion.

Duos Mode – Head into the streets of Grapital City with a tag partner and unleash double the chaos, but with fewer slots for your stats, less max health, and no access to the Superstar Comeback system. If one of you gets eliminated, though, then the remaining player will get the additional Max Health and Stat Slots of the fallen partner. Running out of Health won’t KO you right away, and you’ll have the opportunity to save your teammate while they’re downed.

Playground Mode – A free roam experience that lets you explore the streets of Grapital City on your own and practice your moves without getting into trouble or feuding with other wrestlers. Find training modules around the neighborhood to learn gameplay lessons. Spar with robots to help you master your moves. And finally, you can explore Grapital City either alone or with a friend, which will allow you two to have a friendly grapple.




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By: Franz Christian Irorita
Title: Rumbleverse Release Date: Gameplay, Story, Trailer, and Details
Sourced From: clutchpoints.com/rumbleverse-release-date/
Published Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 02:01:09 +0000

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