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John Mara confirms the thoughts of every Giants fan over the past several years

Giants, John Mara, Joe Judge

The New York Giants have decided to clean house after firing Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge. This franchise has multiple decisions to make as they must find a way to dig themselves out of the hole. John Mara opened up about New York’s situation and it’s a bit close to how fans have felt over recent years.

According to Ari Meirov, John Mara spoke with local reporters in an un-aired interview. There isn’t a real reason why Mara wouldn’t make this interview public, as Twitter has revealed everything we need to know. Regardless, the Giants’ owner wanted a more private feel while discussing his organization.

There was a lot of information in this Giants’ pressure. However, it has to be refreshing for the fan base to finally hear the owner express the same concerns they’ve been having. According to Judy Battista, Mara confirms what the fan base has been feeling throughout this season.

There were a string of decisions made that were huge red flags to the Giants and the fan base. One of those being the questionable quarterback sneak calls in the Week 18 matchup against the Washington Football Team, per Ralph Vacchiano.

That wasn’t the only reason John Mara chose to clean house, but it sounds like the dreadful quarterback sneaks in Week 18 were the nail in the coffin for Gettleman and Judge. After being a hot mess these last several years, the Giants aim for a new, more successful era. According to Dan Salomone, the best move to make was to cut their losses and start anew.

We’ll see how this offseason plays out as the Giants hope to turn things around sooner, rather than later. They have some crucial decisions to make regarding the future of the franchise. The first step is finding the right general manager and head coach to lead the team. New York will be actively interviewing candidates and should find a new duo relatively soon.

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By: Benedetto Vitale
Title: John Mara confirms what every Giants fan thought over the last several years
Sourced From: clutchpoints.com/giants-news-john-mara-confirms-what-every-fan-thought-over-the-last-several-years/
Published Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 19:41:24 +0000

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