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3 questions about the Wizards for the rest of the 2022 season

Wizards, Bradley Beal

For the rest of the season, the Washington Wizards are in an intriguing predicament. Many players have stepped up this season, demonstrating that if they continue to develop their players and add a few more pieces, they might be a tough team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

They have their superstar Bradley Beal, who has been connected to trade speculations in the last several seasons, and it is undoubtedly a major concern for this team. If they opt to move him, there’s a good probability that many of their other players will follow, as the team will be on the verge of rebuilding. If they do decide to trade him for a player of comparable skill, it may make sense since they might be able to obtain a little more than they would have to send. Bradley Beal will definitely receive a significant return, and the Wizards will have to keep that in mind if they do not believe they can contend in the Eastern Conference anytime soon.

There are a lot of doubts regarding the Wizards right now because of their streaky play. They have a couple of options, one of which is to go out and make a huge statement at the trade deadline, while the other is to become large sellers at this year’s trade deadline.

Let’s look at the three most pressing questions the Wizards will confront in the second half of the 2022 season.

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Wizards Questions 2022

3. What is their trade deadline going to look like?

The Wizards will have one of the most exciting trade deadlines in the NBA, if not the whole league. If they decide to make a huge move at this year’s deadline and try to go all-in while Bradley Beal is still under contract, it would make sense. Many reports have circulated that when he becomes available for free agency, he will sign with a new team. There’s a fair chance that if they can surround Bradley Beal and the rest of the team with a second star or simply obtain some better role players, he’ll choose to stay in Washington and try to win a championship.

He’s made it apparent that he’s liked his time in Washington, and if they can just find that guy to pair with him and do the bare minimum, he might remain there for the next few years.

The Wizards have the ideal chance right now to go all in and try to make a huge move to satisfy their star player. When that chance presents itself, they must seize it and try to match Bradley Beal with the best player available at this year’s deadline.

2. Can they start picking up some of the slack?

The Wizards have had some bad luck this season, with a number of difficult injuries, as well as players missing games due to personal reasons and players in covid protocols. They are currently the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference, which they should be pleased with given the hardships they have faced. With the way many of their players have performed this season, there’s no reason to believe they won’t switch up the slack once they have a fully healthy roster. There are times when they appear to be a legitimate team, and then there are evenings when they don’t appear to be any sort of competitor.

They should be able to find some success during the year if they start being more consistent.

1. If healthy and they make a move, can they be a threat in the Eastern Conference?

Given how well several of their new players from the Los Angeles Lakers have performed, it would be difficult to argue that they wouldn’t be a contender if they went out and got a piece or two. Bradley Beal has shown to be one of the best scorers in the NBA, while Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Spencer Dinwiddie, and others have all contributed significantly to this team’s success this season. Rui Hachimura should be good for the rest of the season, and he’s another guy who will undoubtedly step up for them.

Although winning a championship may be a distant shot, it is still possible that they will go out and sign one or two key players before the deadline this year, and then they will be contenders. Their current lineup is still missing a few key players, but they are far closer to competing for a title than many people believe. They have the ability to score the basketball at a high level, which is something that will always be crucial in the playoffs.

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By: Jon Conahan
Title: 3 questions about the Wizards in the remainder of 2022 season
Sourced From: clutchpoints.com/3-questions-about-the-wizards-in-the-remainder-of-2022-season/
Published Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 03:55:16 +0000

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